Victims Liberation

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Your guide to understanding a phenomenon where women involved in human trafficking for sexual exploitation are ‘unable to ask for help, refuse any offers of help and request to be returned to their abusive situation’.

It explains the illogical and irrational behaviour displayed by victims which so often causes confusion for those trying to help them. This book is written for any person who may come into contact with victims of human trafficking exploited in the sex industry or who may wish to gain a better understanding of what trafficking for sexual exploitation involves.

It provides an explanation of what human trafficking is, how it occurs, the trauma experienced by victims, and how all these affect their behaviour to such an extent that victims prostitute themselves for the benefit of others.

This book isolates, examines and explores the cause and effects of victim’s trauma in order to provide an explanation of what happens, how it happens and how it locks them into a life of sexual slavery. More importantly it proposes a newly designed interview technique that provides a step by step guide to help develops meaningful communication with victims of human trafficking in order to assist them break down the barriers that has lock them into a life of sexual slavery.

It is the missing piece of the jigsaw in the worldwide fight against human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

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